The basis for success is to provide complex consultancy to our clients including the identification of the most appropriate support, preparation of high quality project proposal, processing of complex project documentation, legal consultancy related to the grant agreement and ensuring the project implementation related to administration, funding and project monitoring. We are with our clients from the beginning to the successful end.

We provide the consultancy services in an innovative and unique way, relieving our clients from the administrative burdens of project implementation and ensuring the elimination of failures which may lead to the withdrawal of financial contribution.

Our main goal is to ensure the best possible project cycle and to minimise the negative effects. We save your time and money!

Consultancy during the whole project cycle:

  • project identification
  • preparation of project proposal and proposing the most appropriate funding
  • processing of application for grant
  • preparation of financial schemes
  • assistance in the communication with the Paying Authority
  • implementation
  • preparation of applications for payment
  • monitoring and evaluation

We provide the following support services: public procurement, assessment of environmental impacts, trainings, education, lectures on Slovak and foreign universities, networking of partners.

We cooperate with municipalities, regions, national institutions, NGOs, international organisations.